The scale was a little dusty this morning when I got onto it, it didn’t groan or creek it just registered a number not seen for a long time. So what was a girl to do. All the signs have been leading to this – a very unflattering photo, a rubbing together of the thighs, a tightening of the trouser legs, a creek in the knee. I’ve been reading an interesting blog called Zenhabits ( by Leo Babuata and particularly his entry called The Habit of Starting, He talks about doing one thing, one small thing and I’ve decided my one small thing for this week is to write down what I eat.

I’ve go into bed some nights and not been able to identify all the food I’ve put into my mouth, how bad is that? This is not an attempt to limit intake or focus on what I’m eating, just to focus on writing down what I eat. This way I can evaluate the habits I’ve fallen into, like the biscuit from the cafe at tea times (which occurred everday last week) when I know what I’m doing I know what I need to focus on next.

It’s taken 55 years to get here it’s not going to take 5 minutes to undo.

This blog (first writing today) isn’t about a diet, it isn’t about weighing in (though I may celebrate or berate here), it’s not about calories or exercise, but rather about me talking to me about the habits I’ve formed and need to recreate. It’ll be a conversation with myself about celebrating the good things this poor body can actually do looking (and being treated) as it is – the real conversation is about what more it could do in a different format.

This blog is about changing from a floppy disc to an Ipad mini.

Let me get to creating this habit – I’ve got to write down what I had for breakfast.